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General Downloader 1.2

This tool allows you to download content from many file-storage websites
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General Downloader proves to be useful whenever you need a tool to help you download content from various file-sharing websites. It provides great download speeds and offers support for many file-sharing websites, such as MediaFire and others. The program can also be integrated with all the popular browsers, including Internet Explorer.

General Downloader comes as a simple tool that does exactly what it promises: it quickly downloads files. The software doesn't include other advanced tools and is suitable even for beginners. Its graphical user-interface makes it easy for you to add URLs from various file-sharing websites and click on the Start button. While testing the program, I noticed that downloads are completed very fast. Though, I must mention that General Downloader doesn't handle direct download URLs very well. It took a lot of time to retrieve information from such a link and failed at the end.

The program can also be set to monitor the clipboard. Whenever it detects a URL that is copied to clipboard, it will prompt you regarding the downloading process. General Downloader is a small tool which I recommend to anyone who wants a fast way of downloading files from file-sharing sites.

Margie Smeer
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  • Fast downloading speed
  • Free program
  • Supports many file-hosting websites


  • It doesn't work well with direct download links
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