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General Downloader is an application for searching files and managing downloads
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General Downloader is an application for searching files and managing downloads. It is completely free as most similar tools are, but it does offer unique features. Aimed at all those users who download several files in every Internet session, General Downloader will help you keep track of all the files you have downloaded and will manage them in a convenient way.

Once installed in your computer it stays in your system tray. From there you can bring it up when needed. The interface that opens is simple, showing you a box with the previous downloads, their progress and current status. You will see a search box as well. This search box works with General Search, a search engine powered by General World that links those results found in several of the most popular file-hosting servers, like Rapidshare or MegaUpload. In this sense General Downloader is somehow limited, given that it will run better if the file to download is selected from the General Search website. However, as you browse the Internet and download more files, you will be helping the General Search engine grow, as it will analyze all the download links present on the visited website.

If you happen to have a premium account on a file-hosting website, the application will allow you to use it when you download from that website. With Download Manager you can queue your downloads, change their priority, download several files simultaneously, configure a proxy connection, etc. All in all, with General Downloader you will be able not only to download but also to locate your downloaded files with ease and efficiency.

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  • Multi-threading support
  • If you have a premium account on a file-hosting site, you will be able to configure this application to use it


  • It is mildly dependant on the General Search engine
  • Although the website says you will not have to wait for any file to download, the program seems to be unable to jump over the file-hosting sites' delays for regular/free downloads
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